Monday, April 27, 2009

Post Structuralism and the Future of Graphic Design

Tonight we saw Post Structuralism, which is challenging hierarchies, where Deconstruction is questioning motives. Barbara Krooger is one inspirational artist who made her work in such a way that she had you “see the text and read the image”. I am personally a fan of her myself and thought some works such as the cover of Marie Antoinette was a beautiful example of her kind of work but not with the same seriousness attempt to bring into question what images mean to us and how the words interpret the meaning for us. Cultural Jam is a style that I have seen often where a familiar logo is used to promote your own cause or group. It is another version of this style where images that are associated with a certain feeling or thought are put out of context and given a new meaning. Though graphic design has evolved so much and it is believed that nothing new can be done, I believe design as well as other forms of art will always have something new to offer us. It will always have something new to say and we should not feel that being influenced by the history of design is not unoriginal, but a connection we make with that history only to make further connections to it in future with new ideas associated with it thus giving it new meaning.

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