Monday, April 20, 2009


Tonight we watched a video that took us through some of the stage of after modernism. From when modernism was considered brilliant and awarded to when it was torn, ripped, and literally blown up. The reactionary style of post modernism is clear in many cases where the door was opened for use of symbols and color.
It was said tonight that Postmodernism is "storytelling in the interest of the powerful". This is a time that asks, "who's side are you on?" Postmodernists rejected the old corporate style bringing new life and vibrancy back into graphic design. Especially for a culture fueled by sex, drugs, and music, during a time of war, this style was their voice. It also transcends any particular medium, embracing all forms of are and combining them in design. This when we consider to be the "end of originality". From this point on there is only repetition. Layers and fragmenting of information is common and very intuitive. New wave typography is quickly picked up by the corporate world as something to experience before it is read. This is how much of design was throughout the 80s. I thoroughly enjoy 80s style design though it is very easily recognized as a style of that period and seems to be coming back in some ways. The neon colors of this time are not really my style but I appreciate them for their boldness and how it was able to break molds and limitations.

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