Monday, April 6, 2009

Symbols, Advertising, and the Swiss

Universal symbols are created and used during this period to explain things to people with images that are easily recognized and deciphered. They were designed simplistically so that they could be reproduced by just about anybody. This is also the period when advertising design begins. This is the form of design whose goal it is to make the viewer desire that which is being shown in the design. In this way, designers are responsible for giving products and companies a 'face'. That way people can easily recognize them and know who they are by a sign or symbol that's consistently used in the design as well as a consistent style to each advertisement.
We also learned more about Swiss design tonight. Their approach to design is very structured with grids and lines. Their goal was often to create movement in the piece. They were masters at this type of design and it has been imitated for decades. I have found myself to be very inspired by Swiss design as well. Though I try to use they kind of structure I also like to incorporate a more organic feel to my work.

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